Wide range of marquees from which to choose

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Wide range of marquees

Which design to choose from?

Any event or party needs a good marquee. With the broad range of choices available, the kind of marquee you choose depends on many factors. Such factors include the type of event in question, the number of expected guests and sometimes merely taste and preference. In case you are thinking of hiring a marquee, here are some of the designs available.

Frame marquee: it is one of the most popular kind of marquee available in the market. Also referred to as clear span structures, this kind of marquee usually has no central pole. Consequently, offering unobstructed view for guests. In terms of installation, any surface does just fine. Gravel, grass, or even tennis courts work well. Reason being, the tents can get secured using weights. However, for windy venues pegs get used as reinforcements. A hard flooring, as well as carpets, get provided upon customers’ request.
Traditional marquee: the traditional Marquees are widely famed for the wedding venues. The English country garden theme complements the marquee’s complicated design quite well. The supporting poles in the middle of the tent can further get decorated using ribbons or artificial flowers adding to the interior beauty. Dim lighting from paper lanterns completes the look in a dazzling manner.
Chinese hat marquee: Also called the witches hat marquee. Though simple in design, the marquee has a beautiful, eye-catching appeal. They mainly get used as porches at the entrance area, extensions or as centerpieces with a bar. When several of them get joined, they are capable of making plenty of room.
Capri marquee: if you are after unique marquees, this is the perfect choice. Other than their exceptionality, Capri marquees can get zipped together to create more space. There is also an option of having canvas sides or PVC windows, which offer more lighting. The tents are quite big for they handle 25-440 seated people and about 35-600 standing people depending on the tent size.
Big top circus tents: for events where there are live performances and plenty of people attend, this is the best choice. The marquee has more than enough space left even after setting up a festival-style stage. The tents can take several shapes to the customer’s liking. Better still, they give a pitch-dark effect as no light gets to penetrate through the thick canvas. Seating space ranges from 100-1600 people and standing space ranges from 400-5000 people depending on the tent size.

Now you have the facts. The marquee hire decision depends on the kind of event and if you want catering hire, chair hire as well as other furniture fittings. These specifications dictate the price too. Again, different companies offer different price ranges. Therefore, you need to do plenty of research before deciding on the marquee company to hire, marquee size and additional effects such as decorations, chairs and tables.