Great tips for your marquee beach wedding

Posted By on Sep 15, 2015 |

wedding on the beach

Many people do dream of having their wedding by the seaside. Nonetheless, they do not know if to conduct it in open air space or if there are Marquees specially made for that.

Well, here is a reassurance that a marquee hire by the beach side works fine and adds color and pomp to the occasion. However, take note the success of the day highly depends on the ‘mood’ of the sea on that particular day. Tides and waves could ruin your plans or better still add some fun to the event, depending on your perspective. Here are a few tips that seek to help you make your wedding by the beach one worth writing about in the dailies.

Set your marquee in such a way that you can clearly see the beach: it might sound obvious but it is worth emphasizing for it would not be a beach marquee were you to set it up facing elsewhere. Remember, most marquees do not have windows. However, frame marquees are a guarantee when it comes to windows and the clearer they are the better.

marquee on the beachDo not take any chances in securing your marquee: beach marquees should be sturdy. Again, frame marquees get designed in a manner that they can withstand windy and ‘shaky’ conditions. You might also want to check with the relevant authorities if your marquee provider has registered with them to ensure you will get nothing but the best.

If possible, choose a clear roof marquee: having windows on your marquee is a very good idea but having a clear roof marquee is a better idea. The lighting makes the marquee blend in the surrounding space, and a lot gets saved on lighting.

Decorate your marquee plentifully: decorating should be a fun activity as it portrays more of how you feel. Consider things such as bunting, paper lanterns, beach flags, table decorations, and table pans. The paper lantern color should match your theme and the beach flags add life to the event. You can line the flags up to form a pathway or place them in whichever way you fancy. As for the table pans and table decorations, the more creative you are, the better. Personal touch creates a unique feeling that equals none other.

beach wedding sign

Necessary add-ons: in case the space in the marquee is not enough, you can place a few deck chairs and other outdoor furniture in the open. If you plan to extend into the night, slippers are necessary for guests who want to feel the sand between their toes. Blankets are also a good idea for those who wish to enjoy the breeze from the sea. With proper catering hire and adequate chair hire, your guests would not ask for more. Most importantly, you will have achieved what many people only dare to imagine.